Retention Clamps

Retention Clamps

Keep the natural environment clean from waste with the innovative TecnoGrabber® system.

The TecnoGrabber® system is economical, reliable, and easy to install.

TecnoConverting Engineering has developed the TecnoGrabber® containment system, made of ultra-resistant plastic material. Each TecnoGrabber® unit can hold over 100kg of weight and can be used multiple times.

Retention Clamps TecnoGrabber®

The TecnoGrabber® clamps, with their sturdy metal rods, help reduce the amount of waste released into the environment.

  • They occupy little space.
  • Reusable.
  • Easily removable.
  • Several can be placed in a single overflow.


The system is fixed to the walls and/or the floor of the sewer. The two rows of clamps, thanks to the rotation of the central axis, allow a greater amount of waste to be collected.


Current Issue:

Solid waste from the streets and improper discharges into the toilet, along with internal accumulations in the sewer, are washed away during periods of rain, causing sanitation systems to overflow.

This results in a large amount of uncontrolled discharges into the environment that should/could be avoided.

Solution: TecnoGrabber® Systems

Designed to retain solid elements in sewer overflows, using high-strength and high-tenacity grids and meshes.

Thus preventing waste from being discharged into the environment.

TecnoConverting Engineering performs the necessary hydraulic calculations to size the deflector screen and the collar, built entirely of stainless steel, along with the hydraulic and resistance calculations to ensure the correct diameter and length of the TecnoGrabber® waste containment system.

TecnoGrabber® Catalogue

TecnoTec lamellar modules technical catalogDownload PDF

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