TecnoGrabber® Monitoring Cameras

TecnoGrabber® Monitoring Cameras


TecnoGrabber® Monitoring Cameras

Monitor the filling of the meshes in real-time during rainfall events from your electronic device.

NEW – TecnoGrabber® Kit:

Tecnoconverting Engineering presents the models of TecnoGrabber® monitoring cameras to real-time monitor the status of the meshes inside collectors and overflows.

These monitoring cameras are self-sufficient and wireless, they can be connected to a small solar panel or operate with a rechargeable battery.

Avoid unnecessary travel to your confined or difficult-to-access spaces, checking the filling of the meshes in real-time during rainfall events from your electronic device.

One of the demands made by the different operators was how to control the status of the meshes to know when it’s time for replacement. For that reason, TecnoConverting Engineering decided to offer a TecnoGrabber Kit that includes, in addition to TecnoGrabber® systems, a monitoring camera equipped with a solar panel, a 32 GB microSD card, and an extension cable for the panel.


Battery powered by solar energy


Infrared night vision


Motion detection and notification


Control and visualization from multiple devices

One of the biggest challenges encountered when installing TecnoGrabber® retention meshes in overflows is that they are difficult-to-access spaces and, therefore, are difficult points to control.

TecnoGrabber® monitoring cameras will allow you to control from a single application, different cameras installed in different overflows, without the need to travel to the location where the TecnoGrabber® system is installed. Remote control can be done from any electronic device.

If desired, you can configure the application to receive notifications on your device when motion is detected in the area. There is also the option to configure email notifications, informing you of motion in real-time.

Furthermore, upon detecting any motion, you can configure the camera to record the area for a period of time (from 10 to 30 seconds), in order to subsequently view or document it.

Technical features of TecnoGrabber Monitoring Camera® :

  • Solar-powered battery (powered by solar energy or rechargeable battery).
  • Infrared night vision.
  • Water-resistant, to high and low temperatures.
  • QHD 2K image quality, 4 megapixels.
  • Easy installation. Both the camera and the solar panel have a support to place them in the area you want to control.
  • Panoramic camera with 355° and 140° tilt. You can remotely move your camera in the desired direction at any time.
  • Motion detection. TecnoGrabber® monitoring cameras are equipped with a motion sensor, capable of detecting any presence inside your overflows.
  • Motion-activated recording. Once motion is detected, the camera starts recording automatically, allowing you to configure the time you want to record (from 10 to 30 seconds). The recording can be viewed later from your electronic device.
  • Instant notification on your electronic device or by email in case of motion detection.
  • Possibility to activate a sound alarm on the camera when motion is detected.
  • It has a microphone and speaker, to communicate through the camera. Communicate with your operators directly at the collection point.
  • Cloud storage available.

What does the TecnoGrabber® Kit include?

  • Monitoring camera.
  • Camera support.
  • Camera antenna.
  • Solar panel with built-in 4-meter cable.
  • Solar panel support
  • 1-meter USB cable to charge the camera battery.
  • 32 GB micro SD card (designed for use in surveillance cameras).

Optional accessories:

  • Black 4.5-meter solar panel extension cable. It will be easier to place your solar panel in a suitable place to maximize exposure to sunlight.
  • 128 GB micro SD card for surveillance systems.

Not included – 4G data SIM card (Required)

TecnoGrabber® Kit Catalogue

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